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MarkTheGlobe is offering Global SEO solutions that scale to the requirements of international SEO practioneers and work well in global markets.

Search engine optimization is becoming increasingly more important in a variety of industries and is a requirement to compete in global markets.
Many companies have mastered the SEO challenges in their home market and their own loanguage. But global growth opportunities are often ignored because of the complexity managing multilingual SEO campaigns. The lack of tools and processes that can be used across different geographic regions often results in loosing traffic to local competitors.

MarkTheglobe was founded with a deep understanding of multilingual web content lifecycles and a strong focus on multilingual solutions. This is the driving force behind our vision og Global SEO. We enable our customers to reach their online marketing goals.

Matthias Zeitler
Matthias Zeitler, Founder & CEO

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Global SEO Consulting

We help you to analyze and improve your Global SEO strategy.

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satural Training

To get started with satural we offer a variety of workshop and training packages.

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Custom Development

We develop custom software or web projects for you based on our experience with SEO, Big Data, crawling and scraping.

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Offshore Outsourcing

We provide advisory and interim management services for companies that want to setup a captive offshore development center or to outsource tasks to suppliers with a lower cost structure.

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